You shouldn’t need to become a social media expert to market your business

You’ve got enough to worry about with running your business - don’t let marketing be another thing to add to the list.

If you struggle to keep up with posting or want to reach new audiences through ads, we can help.

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What does it do? Runs your social media marketing for you with a really simple interface. You don't have to have any digital marketing experience and running your ads can take as little as five minutes a week.

Why should I sign-up? Quite simply we make sure your ad is run the most effective way.  We look after all the settings and targeting behind the scenes, which means you get the best possible return on your marketing spend. You don't need a marketing team; we are your virtual marketing team.

What channels are supported? We support Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Twitter is coming next week and in the coming weeks we will be enabling LinkedIn, Google, Pinterest and more.

What do I need to get started? You just need the headline and text for your ad, along with a photo or image. We do the rest. If you are a cinema you don't even need that, we have pre-approved studio artwork and text already built.

What does it cost? US: $25 annual fee + 13% of your ad spend. ROW: 11.5% of your ad spend.

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